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What is the Best Vinyl Cutter Machine?

These amazing vinyl cutter machines can make designing your craft projects so much easier, and give them that fantastic professional looking touch!  They are very easy to use, even for beginners who have never used a vinyl cutter machine before.  Bring your homemade projects to life – cards, t-shirts, signs, banners, scrapbooking cutouts, decal stickers and so much more! Create your own designs or select a design from the many that come with your machine.  Find the best vinyl cutter machine that’s just right for you or your business in our handy comparison table below by clicking here.

What is a Vinyl Cutting Machine?

A vinyl cutting machine is similar to a printer.  It receives a signal from a computer telling it to electronically “cut” with its blades, instead of using ink to print like a printer.  Another difference is while a printer typically uses paper, a vinyl cutter machine can use all different types of materials – vinyl, card stock, adhesive backed paper and many more materials.

Vinyl Cutters are also called die cutters, craft cutters, or plotters.  The names are used fairly interchangeably, but it all means the same thing.

What is Vinyl Cutting?

Vinyl cutting is a new crafting method where a digital design is created or downloaded, and then sent to the vinyl cutting machine where it cuts out your design on a vinyl sheet with amazing precision using a sharp cutting blade.

When the vinyl cutter is finished, the product is not final until a person pulls away the design from the remaining side scraps of vinyl.  Then the final design is ironed onto a t-shirt, is a decal placed on a window or wall, used for scrapbooking or making homemade cards or signs – you name it and you can likely create it with vinyl cutter software and a vinyl cutter machine!  People sure do fall in love with the creative possibilities!

Vinyl Cutter Machine

Top 3 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

Have a Nursery or Kids’ Room to Decorate?

Have you been searching for best vinyl cutting machine for crafts? Look no further! A vinyl cutter machine can cut amazing vinyl designs that can decorate the walls in your house.  The design software comes with many different built in themes and wall art images.  You can customize the fonts to use any lettering that suits your tastes for the area that you will be decorating, whether it be a baby nursery, the great room, or laundry room.  Here are some image examples of what you will be able to create with your new vinyl cutter machine!  The possibilities are limitless!

The Best Vinyl Cutter Machine Brands

There are so many vinyl cutter machines on the market these days, and we know how overwhelming it feels to have to decide which one is best for your home or small business. We will make your decision easier by showing you our reviews of different models of the best vinyl cutting machine brands in the industry – Cricut, USCutter, Silhouette, Sizzix, Graphtec, Roland and Brother.

We rate Cricut as the best in the home and small business market, and USCutter the best in the business and industrial market. Both brands have a series of models and receive excellent ratings on Amazon. There are a few other brands available on the market, but we have narrowed your choices down to the very best brands. See our reviews of each for all of the design and cut details on these great brands!

What to Look for in a Vinyl Cutter Machine

Design Software-We find the Cricut DesignStudio Software (the newer version of Cricut Design Space) to be one of the best and easiest vinyl cutter softwares to use. A close second is the Corel Home and Student Software. Please check out our vinyl cutter software reviews.

Wireless Capability-The older model machines do not have wireless capability. However, several of the newer models we recommend do. There is just something so convenient about sending the signal from your iPad in the living room to your vinyl cutter machine in the office that makes bluetooth wireless a must have!

Automatically Adjustable Settings-The newest vinyl cutting machines have features that adjust the settings of the machine automatically based on the material it is cutting, instead of you having to manually set them. This is a great feature and makes for less mistakes and less wasting of your precious materials and time!

Price-Generally speaking, you get more for the money you are spending. That said, these machines cost less today than they did previously with all the competition in the market these days. Our reviews will tell you which vinyl cutting machines give you the most value for your hard earned dollars.

What are the Different Types of Vinyl Cutters?

There are different types and levels of vinyl cutters geared for anyone from beginners, to hobbyists, to businesses needing industrial cutters and plotters, and for everyone in between.

There are smaller sized personal vinyl cutters that do the basics and take up much less space – easy to store! There are some very nice high end desktop cutters for hobbyists and small businesses. These cutter machines are smaller sized, easy to use, and lighter on your budget than the commercial cutter machines. They are made specifically for smaller projects. While capable of cutting very precisely, they usually are a bit quieter (and slower) than the industrial plotters. Once you start using a personal vinyl cutter, you will be hooked!

Then there are the different sizes of standing industrial cutters for businesses requiring bigger design cuts, faster speeds, and multiple simultaneous workloads. These commercial grade plotters can cut many different materials (not just vinyl!). They can cut very precisely, but are usually louder in their processing. They also take up more space and are actually quite a bit more expensive.

Check out this Cricut Explore Air 2 getting started video.  It has so many fantastic features!

Here is the Silhouette Cameo 3 demo video.  Check it out!

Check out this video of the Brother ScanNCut 2!