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Home Vinyl Cutters vs Professional Vinyl Cutters

Personal vs Commercial Vinyl Cutters | Which one is best for you?

There is a huge difference between the cutting machines for hobbyists in comparison to the commercial vinyl cutter plotters on the market. For one, you will find the price differences between the two are significant.  The commercial cutters are expensive!  However, if you are wanting to be crafty at home, such as making homemade cards or doing scrapbooking, or even if you want to sell some nice vinyl stick wall decals on Etsy, a home vinyl cutter machine should work well for you. If you have a business creating t-shirt vinyl transfers, or cutting vinyl car wrappers, where you need it consistently on a day-to-day basis for business, then I would definitely recommend investing in one of the professional vinyl cutters.

Home Vinyl Cutters

A personal vinyl cutter for your home will cost you anywhere from $100-$400, depending on what features you are wanting on your vinyl cutter.  These machines are smaller and portable, and will usually be a desktop type printer cutter that you can also tuck away in a closet if necessary.  They can handle projects that are smaller in width – most cut at a 12 inch maximum, so do keep this in mind when thinking about what sized projects you will have. These machines have a wide range of features – some score, write, and even emboss as well as cutting.  These machines are perfect for the hobbyists or a small business.

Professional Vinyl Cutters

Professional vinyl cutters vary in pricing anywhere from around $500-$4,000, believe it or not.  They are expensive, but if you are investing in a startup company this is a small investment compared to most, and remember – it’s for your most important asset!  It does all the work, so it needs to be a sturdy machine that is up to performing all the daily tasks! It will definitely pay for itself quickly.  Once you start using it, the returns on investment will be seen instantly! These machines have the versatility to create what your customers need on demand. Having your own business creating the designs you love for your customers is very rewarding, and being your own boss is everyones’ dream job! See our comparison table below for the best plotter cutter for your business needs.

Why not start your own Vinyl Cutting Business?  Here are some ideas:

  • Printed Wall Decor

  • T-shirt & Bag Customization

  • Automobile Vinyl Wraps

  • Customized Business Signage & Logos

  • Personalized Event Invitations & Cards

Professional Vinyl Machine Comparison Table







USCutter Titan 3



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USCutter Laserpoint II



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Roland Camm-1 Pro



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Graphtec FC8600-60



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