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Best Vinyl Sheets and Rolls

Adhesive vs Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) | Which Type of Vinyl is Right for You?

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Brands.  The best vinyl brands on the market today are Oracal and Siser.  These brands are the most well known for their high quality vinyl and they are currently the industry leaders. In recent years more brands have popped up that are also good quality, but just lesser known brands.  Below you may choose from our selection of the best vinyl sheets and rolls brands that we recommend.

Adhesive Vinyl comes in two types, each with several interchangeable commonly used names. Adhesive vinyl sheets are run through your vinyl cutter with the vinyl side facing up, and the paper side of the sheet facing down. Once your vinyl is cut, you will weed away the scraps, and your design is all ready to go!

          1. Indoor Adhesive Vinyl = Matte Vinyl = 631 Vinyl


* Indoor Signage

* Wall Decals

* Picture Frames / Shadow Boxes

* Ornaments

          2. Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl = Glossy Vinyl = 651 Vinyl


* Outdoor Signage

* Dish or Mug Decoration (anything that will be washed)

* On anything exposed to significant handling or the elements

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is typically used when applying vinyl onto fabrics.  Your vinyl cutter cuts an HTV sheet design mirrored (horizontally flipped) with the sheet’s vinyl shiny side down, and the more dull side facing up.  After weeding away your design, you will flip it and apply it to the garment with a heat press that uses an even heat to fuse it to the material.  An iron may be used, but for best results we highly recommend using a Heat Press Machine.


* t-shirts

* bags

* blankets

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Self Adhesive Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)