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Best Vinyl Cutter Reviews

Our detailed guide below has all of the best vinyl cutter reviews of 2018.  We review personal as well as commercial cutters, from the smaller basic cutters, to the best higher end personal cutters on the market today.  We also review several different models of industrial cutting machines for small businesses.  There are quite a few decent brands and models on the market these days, but we’ve narrowed our recommendations down to the highest quality brands – Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, Sizzix and USCutter.  Scroll down for our detailed reviews or jump straight to our comparison tables (Personal & Professional). Find the best vinyl machine to suit your needs today!

Reviews for Small Vinyl Cutters

  • Fully adjustable blade (ratchet cap)
  • Software for PC or Mac – Silhouette Studio Design
  • $10 dollar card for downloading designs
  • 50 free exclusive digital cutting designs
  • Maximum cutting area with lined media is 8″ x 10′
  • Max cut size with cutting mat is 8″ x 12″
  • Power & USB cords

The Silhouette Portrait falls into the small/mini cutter machine category.  This machine has a smaller desktop footprint, but don’t let it’s size fool you.  It may be compact and quiet, but can cut material like the pros do!  In fact, it can actually cut over 100 different materials. This user-friendly machine is great for vinyl cutting beginners and first time users. This mini cutting machine can pretty much do everything it’s bigger brother the Silhouette Cameo can do, just with the 8″ width limit.  One thing to note is it still accepts 8.5″ paper, it just doesn’t cut beyond the 8 inches of boundary.  This vinyl cutter is one of the most inexpensive machines so it will not break your budget! For small personal machines, the Silhouette Portrait has our vote for most popular vinyl mini cutting machine!

  • Easy Setup
  • Blade and Blade Storage
  • Precise Cutting Capability
  • Cutting Mat
  • Advanced quiet cutting technology
  • Power & USB cords
  • Comes with Four 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of cardstock

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The Cricut Mini Vinyl Cutting Machine is super easy to set up and use.  It’s the mini version of the Cricut Explore model. It’s great for sticker and card makers, and a great first machine for beginners to craft cutting. Step-by-step instructions will have you creating your first craft cutting project in no time! While additional digital images are available for purchase and download, the Cricut image library is full of great images and fonts. The free design software (Cricut Craft Room) allows you to also design your own creations! Lightweight and portable, this mini Cricut can sit on a desktop and take up minimal space. It cuts a wide variety of materials and comes an abundance of pre-made professional images.  With all this at your fingertips, the Cricut mini is just waiting for your inspiration to get to work on projects you never dreamed you could make yourself!

Cons:  One thing to note is some of the more intricate designs will cut best at larger sizes.  The mini can’t always cut the intricate designs to perfection at small sizes.

The Verdict: The Cricut Mini craft cutter is the perfect little machine for beginners wanting to make items such as stickers or cards that are smaller then 8.5″ across.

  • Embossing & Die Cutting
  • Big Shot Plus Platform
  • Set of Two Standard Cutting Pads
  • Able to use Embossing Tools from another Brand
  • Accepts up to 8.5″ x 11″ Materials
  • Adapters A & B
  • Lightweight
  • Hand Crank

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The Sizzix Big Shot Plus is the perfect die cut machine for scrapbooking and card making.  This lightweight and portable machine will have you die cutting and embossing up a storm of creativity! This little machine has the ability to emboss and cut a large variety of materials. It’s also compatible with other brands’ dies which is a plus if you already own some and want to be able to use them on your Sizzix. The big shot plus has a hand crank, which may or may not be what you’re looking for.  If you like the Sizzix, but want less of a manual process, we recommend upgrading to the Sizzix Big Shot Express. This Sizzix model is larger than some of the others in the Sizzix lineup, and will work like a charm for your card making, scrapbooking and even quilting needs!  This is a great little machine and rated as the best stencil cutting machine on the market today!

Reviews for Personal & Home Vinyl Cutters

  • Cuts 12 inches wide by 10 feet long
  • Free Design Software – Silhouette Studio
  • Dual-Carriage, 2 mm clearance (for thicker materials)
  • Self-adjusting AutoBlade compatibility
  • 12″ Cutting mat
  • Power & USB cable

This cutter machine is the new Cameo Silhouette 3.  It’s one of the most popular models for hobbyists. The blade on this model cuts with precision at every turn, allowing you to create and cut very intricate designs for wall decals, t-shirt designs, cards, stickers, scrapbooking and much more! It can even cut the thicker materials including fabric, vinyl cardstock, adhesive vinyl – you name it, and it can probably handle it! This machine truly can cut or imprint almost anything. This new model Cameo has great value for the money.  We rate this as the best vinyl cutter for t shirts! It does what the pros can do at an exceptional speed, without the price tag!

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  • Free Design Space software
  • Precision cutting with Cut Smart
  • Cuts 11.5″ wide by 23.5″ tall
  • Smart Set Dial for automated settings
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
  • Power & USB cords
  • Comes with over 100 free images

The Cricut Explore Air cuts more than 60 materials.  It is designed to cut anything from the basics on up to more complex projects with it’s high performance blade. One of the key features on this vinyl cutting machine is its use of bluetooth technology for wireless capability.  No more mess of ugly cords lying around your work area with this wireless Cricut.  You can even send a project for it to cut from your iPad or iPhone in another room – amazing the convenience! The Cricut apps are cloud-based, so they will all remain in sync no matter which device you are using.  You will have all kinds of possibilities at your fingertips with the use of the Cricut Image library and it’s pre-made designs, fonts and projects available for use. With its Dual carriage it can write and cut or cut and score in one easy step.  The smart technology of the Smart Set dial will automatically adjust the settings for you based on the materials you’re using – no manual work for you! Be sure to check out the Cricut Explore Air specifications list for more details. The reviews are in and this is a flawless machine that cuts to perfection.  We just can’t say enough good things about it!  Try it for yourself and see how much you love it too!

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  • Includes Design Space software
  • 2x the speed of Explore Air 1
  • Premium Blade
  • Cuts 12″ wide by 24″ long
  • Cuts over 100 different materials
  • Includes and Abundance of Cricut Fonts
  • Smart Set Dial technology
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
  • Power & USB cords
  • Comes with over 100 free images

This amazing Cricut Explore Air 2, is more than just a cutting machine – it cuts, writes, and scores over 100 different types of materials! And it does it all at twice the speed of the previous Cricut Explore One machine! When you compare Cricut Air machines, this one takes the cake as the best Cricut Air machine to date! It’s Cricut Design Space software allows for customized material selections, and with the help of the Smart Set dial technology, it automatically knows just the right pressure to apply to your materials. This super popular machine is rated as our best choice for the hobbyists, and even for small businesses not needing cutting more than 12 inches wide. The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the best vinyl cutter under $300 on the market in 2018 – perfect for your cricut craft room! Check out the starter bundles to purchase with this machine too!

>>View Cricut Explore Air 2 Bundle here

  • Includes Design Space software
  • 10x the Cutting Power of Explore Air 2
  • Premium Fine Point Blade
  • Rotary Blade
  • Fine Point Pen
  • Cuts 12″ wide by 24″ long
  • Two 12″ x 12″ Cutting Mats
  • Cuts over 100 different materials
  • Includes Digital Sewing Patterns
  • Able to upload and use your personal designs
  • Adaptive Tool System Technology
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Docking Slot
  • Power & USB cords

This fantastic new Cricut Maker brings even more features and power to the table than the Explore Air 2.  The Cricut Maker is amazing, at ten times the cutting strength and precision of it’s predecessor. Quite an upgrade, right?! This new cricut vinyl cutter is the latest and greatest on the market today. With a release date of August 2017, This Maker vinyl cutter machine has quickly risen to the top, and the vinyl cutting industry has taken notice. This is the best Cricut Machine to date!  It can cut over 100 materials (including mat board and balsa wood!) and is also great for cutting material for sewing and quilting projects with it’s Rotary Blade. It can also use a Knife Blade (sold separately) that allows it to cut very thick material – up to 2.4mm in thickness!

It has some new cutting edge features such as the Adaptive Tool System.  This new system will automatically control cutting pressure and blade direction.  Based on the thickness and feel of the fabric it is cutting, this feature allows your cutter machine to automatically calculate the necessary cutting force to use.

The Cricut Maker comes with hundreds of sewing patterns to choose from with name brands like Riley Blake and Simplicity.  Our reviewers say this is the best vinyl machine available for crafters, and note that it is very user friendly – no need to be a tech genius!

>>View Cricut Maker Essentials Tool Kit here

  • German Carbide Blade
  • Color 4.85″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Includes 7 built-in Fonts and 600+ designs
  • Built in Scanner
  • Wireless technology
  • Web app ScanNCutCanvas for design & editing
  • 11.7″ wide cutting area (uses 12×12 or 12×24 mats)

The Brother brand brings a well-known advanced technology into the market with its vinyl machine, the ScanNCut 2. This versatile fabric cutting machine comes with some features setting it apart from its competitors. One feature is its color LCD screen that allows you to design even without a computer! The scanner allows you to scan anything and cut it into unique shapes or outlines suited to your project.  It can even cut fabric for your quilting projects!  This cutter machine is undoubtedly a great choice for the sewists out there! Make your own die cuts for cards or for scrapbooking too.  One of the downsides we found was the learning curve on this machine.  While its cuts are very precise and it has the flexibility of the scanner and using the LCD screen, it takes a bit of a time investment to learn it all. Be sure to read the manual and the You Tube videos for the ScanNCut are your friend!  Once you learn it, there is no limit to the creativity available to you with this machine!

Reviews for Professional Vinyl Cutters

  • Control panel with large LCD Screen
  • Includes design and cut software – VinylMaster Cut (PC only)
  • 4-wheel carriage
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • PC & Mac Compatible Cutter
  • 28″ wide by 240″ length
  • Floor stand
  • 3 Titan blades with blade holders (30, 45, 60 deg)
  • Power, serial, and USB cable

The USCutter TITAN is a sturdy grade commercial cutter, great for a professional sign cutting business. The Titan is fast and effective at cutting thicker hardcore materials such as window film, mask material, hard paperboard, adhesive vinyl, and sandblast stencil to name a few. Built with digital servo motors for powerful cutting, Titans are a solid construction of aluminum alloy and all metal moving parts, made for rigorous day to day use. It’s powerful drive motor ensures precision cutting takes place with a 4-wheel carriage containing laser assisted alignment. The Titan includes highly accurate tracking with the best quality pinch and grit rollers to grab and move the materials through the cutting machine – max tracking capabilities with this machine! Adjust cutting force and speed easily with the convenient control panel and LCD screen. Whether for a small business or for the serious do-it yourself craft cutting enthusiast, the Titan has the strength to get the job done. We recommend this machine as a great stepping stone between the personal craft cutters and the higher end industrial cutters. We rate this as the best vinyl cutter for small businesses!

  • LCD Screen
  • Includes VinylMaster Cut (PC compatibility only) design and cut software
  • Solid Frame
  • PC & Mac Compatible Cutter
  • 32″ wide
  • Floor stand
  • Serial, power and USB cable

The 32 inch USCutter LaserPoint II is built to last with a solid frame.  It can handle cutting 32 inches wide for the larger cutting needs of a commercial sign, t-shirt maker, or marketing company. It’s copy job feature stores prior cuts as long as the machine is not turned off. This cutter’s new design allows for adjusting of the force and speed even while cutting. A rotating inertial blade holder allows this superior machine more accuracy in its cuts. One downside is the level of noise, but that’s to be expected with this level of plotter machines. It comes with lifetime phone support, which can come in handy, and a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.  We highly recommend this excellent commercial cutter!