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Best Cricut Machines | Which Cricut Machine is Best?

What is The BEST CRICUT MACHINE on the Market Today?

The Cricut Maker

The new Cricut Maker was just released.  At 10 times the cutting speed of the prior model, the Cricut Explore Air 2, this amazing machine can really get the cutting job done fast! One of the other fantastic new features that sets it apart from the rest is it’s ability to cut fabric.  This is an excellent time saver for the Quilters out there, not to mention each square is cut to precision, so no more misaligned squares to quilt!

Answers to All Your Cricut Questions | How to Decide?

We know selecting a Cricut craft cutter is a tough decision to make with all the available Cricut machines on the market these days!  We are here to help with our Cricut reviews and comparison table, and helpful information for beginners just getting their feet wet with craft cutting. Our detailed Cricut guide below will help answer your questions, and narrow down which Cricut cutting machine will suit your needs the best!

In all honesty, the best Cricut cutter machine with the strongest cutting force, isn’t always the one you necessarily need to invest in. Several factors determine the right Cricut for you including which machine is in your budget, what types of projects you will be working on, and what types of different materials you need to cut.

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What is a Cricut Machine?

Cricut is known for a few different craft cutting machines they make.  Some of the machines are electronic vinyl cutters, while others are the manual die cutting machines.  They are very well known and highly regarded in the personal craft cutting community.  Their main competitor in this market is Silhouette, with their Silhouette Cameo machines – you may have heard of those as well.

When it comes to personal cutting machines, Cricut takes the cake in the craft and hobby market!

A Cricut is very similar to a printer. However instead of printing, a Cricut craft cutter uses a blade that intricately cuts out a predetermined design or image. Once the cutting is complete, then you will need to do the “weeding” of your design which just means to get rid of the leftover scraps outside of the cut area.

Each Cricut personal cutter differs a little in it’s cutting speed, cutting force, cutting width area, and the different materials it is able to cut well. Some Cricut machines are geared more towards cards, stickers, or scrapbooking, while others are more for banners, or small business signage projects.

What Can I Make with a Cricut Machine?

There is limitless potential that comes with owning a Cricut craft cutter and having a little inspiration for a project! These machines are so versatile and can cut some amazingly intricate designs. They are all able to easily cut cardstock, paper, and vinyl (think t-shirts!). Many of them can also draw, emboss, and score materials. These features sometimes will require an additional purchase, such as a Cricut German Carbide Blade, Cricut Rotary Blade, Cricut Deep-cut blade, Cricut pens, or Cricut Scoring Stylus. The Cricut tools set is also helpful to have on hand!

A Cricut machine is a vinyl cutter as well as a paper cutter. It does an excellent job of cutting adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyls. These vinyls are great for t-shirts, decorative bags, and caps.  The adhesive vinyl can be put on vases, glasses, mugs or even mirrors. Heck you can even cut design decals for your walls or windows. You can really get crafty and customize almost anything with a Cricut electric vinyl cutter.

Of course these Cricut machines are known for cutting paper and cardstock, such as for scrapbooking or homemade cards. They can also cut stickers! the scoring can create a fold line for cards, or gift boxes. The pens can draw a design on your paper while the dual carriage is all set to cut in unison.

Cricut Machine Comparison Chart


Maximum Cutting Area
Cut Ability
Best Use
Bluetooth Enabled
Maximum Cutting Area : 12" x 24"
Cut Ability : Cuts 100+ materials, cuts anything from paper & material, up to matboard, balsa wood & leather
Best Use : Quilting & Sewing, Scrapbooking, Vinyl Crafting
Bluetooth Enabled : Yes
Software : Cricut Design Space Only - No Cartridges
Price :



Maximum Cutting Area : 12" x 24"
Cut Ability : Cuts 100+ materials, cuts thin paper to thick leather & metal
Best Use : Beginners, Small Business, T-shirt Vinyl, Banners, Signs, Wall Decals
Bluetooth Enabled : Yes
Software : Cricut Design Space - Allows Cartridges
Price :



Maximum Cutting Area : 12" x 24"
Cut Ability : Cuts 60+ materials, cuts thin to medium materials. Writes & cuts and scores & cuts in 1-step
Best Use : Beginners, Wireless, Wall Decals, Signs, T-shirts, Banners
Bluetooth Enabled : Yes
Software : Cricut Design Space - Allows Cartridges
Price :



Maximum Cutting Area : 8.5" x 12"
Cut Ability : Cuts lightweight materials in small shapes and fonts
Best Use : Beginners, Stickers, Cards, Scrapbooking
Bluetooth Enabled : No
Software : Cricut Craft Room Design
Price :



Maximum Cutting Area : 6" x 8"
Cut Ability : Cuts cardstock, paper, tissue paper, thin fabric, acetate ribbon, foils, thin metal and more
Best Use : Beginners, Stickers, Scrapbooking, Cards, Embossing, Die Cutting
Bluetooth Enabled : N/A
Software : N/A
Price :



How Do I Learn to Use a Cricut Machine?

While you can of course read the user manual that comes along with your personal electronic cutting machine, it is much easier to watch some YouTube videos on your new Cricut machine! We highly recommend the official Cricut videos!  Here are a few to get you started.  Even a beginner can work these user friendly machines!

Here is a brief video showing you how to use the portable Cricut Cuttlebug die cutting machine

This is a nice step-by-step informative video on how to Cricut.  Want to cut some iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl to customize a t-shirt?  Check out this great video that walks you through creating your design in Cricut Design Space Software.

Here is a video showing you the features of the Cricut Explore Air 2 vinyl cutter machine

Here is a video of the Cricut Maker cutting machine.  Sewing has been revolutionized with this super fast cutting machine that even cuts material! This video will show you all the parts and pieces of the new Cricut Maker!